Limbus Lab

Limbus Lab is the lifelong experiment of Andrew Maxwell-Parish. It is exploring the intersection of art, design, technology, and education.

It operates under the simple method of coming up with an idea, testing it, and documenting the results.

If you are working with a GoPro, this is a very convenient adapter to mount it to any tripod with a 1/4-20 bolt, which is the standard connection. You can buy something similar but it is inexpensive to make if you have a 3D printer.


I recommend printing it with laying on it's side (with the square hole facing up and with support. I use 20% infill.

Download STL

Download IGES

Additional Items Needed

1/4-20 nut (Quantity: 1)

M5, 20 mm length bolt (Quantity: 1)

M5 nut (Quantity: 1, lock nut is preferable but not necessary)