Limbus Lab

Limbus Lab is the lifelong experiment of Andrew Maxwell-Parish. It is exploring the intersection of art, design, technology, and education.

It operates under the simple method of coming up with an idea, testing it, and documenting the results.

I enjoy working with a GoPro because it has high quality video and image capture, it is small enough to use in many ways, and you can abuse it. It's fun to have a camera that you can launch with a catapult to see what kind of footage you get.

You can control a GoPro through commands over it's WiFi system. This is how you can control a GoPro with your phone. I have had a lot of consistent success doing this with a computer. I have been able to do this successfully with an Arduino Yun as well but it can be difficult to get them to communicate when I first get the system running. I end up restarting everything multiple times and eventually it works and continues to work. I have been unable to figure out what exactly is causing this issue.



Items Needed

Arduino Yun

GoPro with WiFi capabilties