Limbus Lab

Limbus Lab is the lifelong experiment of Andrew Maxwell-Parish. It is exploring the intersection of art, design, technology, and education.

It operates under the simple method of coming up with an idea, testing it, and documenting the results.

IMG_20150627_085456 copy.jpg.png

I just call it the bus.

In 2014, I bought a 1987 diesel Chevrolet G30 that had been modified to be a school bus. We drove from Oakland to Minnesota in the summer of 2015 and I spent the summer setting it up a solar powered, electronics and digital fabrication lab. The goal is to have a mobile lab space that I can use for my own needs as well as the ability to be able to bring technology to rural areas for workshops. Essentially, have it be like a bookmobile for technology.

I've done a series of 3D printing workshops with the Fergus Falls Public Library and I would like to expand this further to additional rural, public libraries who would like to offer technology workshops.

**This is currently on hiatus as I have moved to Galveston, Texas to manage a makerspace in a hospital. **

The bus has the capabilities to do bring materials and knowledge for these types of workshops:

  • Basics of electricity
  • Making electronics interative
  • How 3D printing works & using free online designs
  • Making your own models & designs for 3D printing
  • Making circuit boards with a CNC mill
  • Drawing with a CNC mill